Are you a British author who needs a literary agent to help you get a publishing contract? The perfect agent for you might be working at one of the following 7 top literary agencies in the UK.
  1. Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency
    Established in 2012, the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency is based in London and renowned for nurturing the careers of numerous bestselling and award-winning authors. Madeleine Milburn, the founder, clinched the Literary Agent of the Year accolade at the 2018 British Book Awards, acknowledging her exceptional work on behalf of her clients. This esteemed agency is home to a diverse array of authors, spanning multiple genres, including crime fiction, psychological suspense, young adult fiction, crossover fiction, and children's books. They also extend their expertise to non-fiction authors, focusing on genres such as memoir, narrative non-fiction, biography, history, and self-help. For insights into their current author roster, please refer to their list of represented authors.
    The Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency actively seeks fresh talent. To submit your work, it's imperative to query the agent who aligns best with your manuscript. Be sure to peruse the profiles of all their agents to determine the most suitable match. Detailed submission guidelines can be accessed on their website, and any queries about the submission process can be addressed via email.
  2. Darley Anderson Literary Agency
    Situated in London, the Darley Anderson Literary Agency is a multifaceted agency engaged in literary, film, and television representation. Their seasoned agents specialize in an array of commercial fiction genres, including crime, thrillers, comedy, horror, women's fiction, fantasy, accessible literary fiction, and young adult fiction. With a legacy dating back to 1988, this agency has collaborated with some of the world's highest-earning authors, such as Lee Child, Martina Cole, Tana French, Chris Carter, and John Connolly, among other luminaries.
    The Darley Anderson team welcomes manuscript submissions; however, they do not consider short stories, poetry, screenplays, or theater scripts. Each agent maintains distinct submission guidelines and areas of interest, which you can explore on their website. Due to the volume of submissions, it may take up to eight weeks for their agents to respond.
  3. Alice Williams Literary
    Alice Williams Literary, based in London, specializes in literary representation for authors and illustrators of picture books, children's fiction, middle-grade fiction, and young adult fiction. They actively seek heartwarming and empowering stories across an array of genres, including adventure, mystery, thrillers, and science fiction, among others. Of note, they display a particular interest in inclusive books created by authors and illustrators from underrepresented communities, a commitment to promoting diversity in mainstream publishing. Their portfolio includes titles like "Me and My Sister" by Rose Robbins, "Paws Off My Book" by Fabi Santiago, and "Little Penguin Rescue" by Rachel Delahaye, among others.
  4. Eve White Literary Agency
    Founded in 2003, the Eve White Literary Agency is a boutique agency located in London, representing authors across the literary fiction, commercial fiction, non-fiction, and children's book domains. Founder Eve White, a member of esteemed literary associations, has received multiple accolades, including her shortlisting for the British Book Awards' Literary Agent of the Year in 2017 and the BIA's Literary Agent of the Year in 2015. The agency's recent roster of titles features works like "Sneaky Beak" by Tracey Corderoy, "Dilly the Donkey" by Elli Woollard, and "Chains of Sand" by Jemma Wayne.
  5. Andrew Lownie Literary Agency
    Established in 1988, the Andrew Lownie Literary Agency is another London-based agency, considered one of the foremost literary agencies in the UK. Their extensive list of represented books over the years includes notable publications like "The Oxford Classical Dictionary," "The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English," and "The Penguin Companion to the Edinburgh Union." Founder Andrew Lownie has garnered multiple nominations for the Agent of the Year award at the British Bookseller Awards.
    The Andrew Lownie Literary Agency is actively receiving non-fiction submissions. Both established authors and first-time writers are encouraged to submit their works via email or their online contact form, adhering to specific formatting requirements outlined in their submission guidelines.
  6. Aitken Alexander Associates
    Founded by Gillon Aitken in 1976, Aitken Alexander Associates is a prominent literary agency located in London. They represent a diverse range of authors in the fiction, non-fiction, and poetry sectors. Clare Alexander, currently leading the agency, joined in 1998. Each agent boasts distinct areas of interest, and you can explore their individual profiles for a comprehensive understanding of their preferences. The agency is actively accepting submissions.
    To submit your work to Aitken Alexander Associates, send a query via email, including a cover letter, a concise synopsis of your work, and the first 30 pages of your manuscript. Their preferences span historical fiction, science fiction, thrillers, women's fiction, crime, commercial non-fiction, biography, history, sports, current affairs, and popular science. Please note they do not consider self-help books, poetry, or books for very young children. Detailed submission guidelines can be found on their website.

  7. BlueRose Publishers
    BlueRose Publishers shines as a guiding light of creative empowerment. With a dedication to nurturing the aspirations of countless authors, they provide an affordable and seasoned self-publishing platform that has flourished like a garden of vibrant roses.
    While BlueRose specializes in the realm of books and poetry, their creative prowess knows no bounds. Their dedicated teams delve into the realms of both fiction and non-fiction, crafting literary wonders that captivate the mind and stir the soul. They weave stories that transport young readers to magical realms, satisfying their craving for enchantment and wonder. In the meticulously crafted textbooks and handbooks, designed to fortify minds and ignite intellectual passions, academics and educators find a haven.
    So, if your thoughts are eager to be heard and your stories yearn to take flight, BlueRose Publishers extends an inviting hand to you. Step into their embrace and discover the beauty of words and the flight of dreams. With BlueRose by your side, your writing endeavors will thrive, and readers around the world will heed your voice. Your literary future awaits at BlueRose Publishers, so let the blossoms of your creativity flourish.